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Make your event a success at the K Plaza Arts Center.​

The K-Plaza Arts Center is a multi-purpose venue on the square in downtown Carrollton, Texas. The historic building is the perfect setting for events of all kinds! If you can dream it, we can make it happen!

The historic square began as a strip of a few stores in the 1890s. It was the center of commerce and created what came to be downtown Carrollton. A freshwater spring flowed through the center of the square where the gazebo now stands. As the town’s population grew, more businesses were added and they flourished.

At some point in the 1920s, George Myers, Carrollton mayor, postmaster, and grocery store owner, showed films outdoors for the public to enjoy. Eventually, he wanted an indoor space to show films in a more comfortable setting and hence the Myers Theatre came to be. He opened a 270-seat theater on December 14, 1928. Ten years later, the Lowery family bought the theater and renamed it the Plaza. Their grand opening film was Test Pilot, starring Clark Gable. After World War Two, the Lowerys moved out and the Plaza served many functions over the years: retail space, art gallery, and performance venue, among others.

Today, the Plaza is a multi-purpose venue under the management of Magic Korea Entertainment, an entertainment company headed by CEO Sunwha Park. The charm of this almost 100-year-old historic building continues to delight our staff and customers alike. With soft lighting for an evening wedding, polished wood floors for K-pop dance events, secure gallery space for art work, and balcony seating for friends to share a bottle of wine, we want your experience to be warm and welcoming. We’re a great option for business meetings, children’s parties, and lectures, too! There is no end to the fun events Magic Korea can help you create in the Plaza! A few photos that showcase our 20th century history:

A few photos that showcase our 20th century history

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